Visualizing Your Beliefs and Goals

You have come a long way in using this motivational strategy for success. From surfacing your beliefs, to changing your beliefs, to establishing your big rocks, to taking action in the last step. Now, to really put on the final touches to your success story in sports, you would need to learn how to visualize your beliefs and actions.

Visualization is basically the active portrayal of an image or process or thought in your mind. Usually, the images developed are positive ones. This is a crucial ingredient to your motivational strategy for success. How you achieve this is to imagine running photo images or movies in your mind. Your mind becomes a camera or video recorder capturing the positive images and film sequence that you desire. Let explore with our case study used in these series.

Earlier in Step 2 of your motivational strategy for success, we have changed some of your beliefs to positive ones. One of these is “We are better than our opponent”. How do we know we are better than our opponents? Some signals could include scoring goals, out running our opponents, winning tackles in the game, matching our opponent physically and so on. These specific actions or processes are the images or film sequences you want to picture in your mind. Try that. Imagine scoring a goal. Imagine, dribbling past your last opponent, shooting and beating the goal keeper. How will that feel? How will your team mates feel? Create the mental sequence and feelings that are associated with scoring a goal against your opponent. Once you have this sequence and you are able to trace the events leading to the goals and good feelings, you have just visualized one of your new beliefs or goals.

The next step of motivational strategy for success is to repeat this sequence as often as you can until you can easily bring it back to life in your mind. When you do this, you are actually rehearsing your mind for successful acts. Once the mind knows what successful acts are it will start stimulating the body physically for success as well. We call this tuning our body for success. It is a very powerful tool to use. Research has shown that without physically performing a task, but only mentally rehearsing the task, the subjects are able to achieve a high level of performance when they are actually upon to perform the task.

When you become good at visualizing a task easily in your motivational strategy for success, it is time to build a repertoire of visualizations for all your goals and beliefs. It is much like a mental library of images and video clips that you can pull out anytime you want for reference. Just like academic success, the more you go to your library and make reference to your resources to improve yourselves, the greater the degree of success. Similarly using visualization often will increase your rate of improvement in your sports.

So, there you have it – the 7 Steps Motivational Strategy for Success. These are not rocket science methods or content that needs a genius to figure it out. They are logical and easy to follow steps that can help you achieve sports success or any form of success in quicker time. All that is required is a commitment to develop these steps and try it.