The 8-Step Swing

Women golfers who have been golfing long enough to have the basics down pat should consider Jim McLean’s video “The 8-Step Swing” as your next one-stop shop. One of the top three golf instructors in the world, Jim has worked with amateurs and professional golfers alike for over 25 years, helping each individual consistently improve his or her swing. In fact, Christie Kerr, the winner of the 2007 U. S. Women’s Open and Angel Cabrera, winner of the 2007 U. S. Men’s Open were both students of the Jim McLean Golf School! Coincidence? We think not!

The most important difference between the 8-step swing and other swing teaching methods is that each segment of the swing is addressed completely independently of all the other parts. The final blended product is a smooth, consistent drive, but each learning process is small enough to perfect on its own. In addition, while the eight steps are the same across the board, the specific positions of each have an array of degrees, which allows men and women golfers to find the exact position that suits.

There is a reason that “The 8-Step Swing” is the number one golf video in the United States, and has been for years; the simple fact is that Jim takes a complex, detailed process and presents it in a clear, concise, uncomplicated manner. If you are looking to improve your swing technique with a comprehensive, no-stone-unturned approach, then Jim’s method is certainly for you.

In addition to the breakdown of the eight steps, The 8-Step Swing also includes discussion of the following:

The Theory of Elimination – The process of recording your swing, watching it, and eliminating those unnecessary and often detrimental habits (see “Death Moves”).
The Twenty Fundamentals – An explanation of twenty fundamentals for great ball striking.
The Anti-Fundamentals – Twenty-five misconceptions of the golf swing.
Death Moves – What not to do (or, “Extreme Swing Errors that Need Immediate Attention!”).
25% Theory – Divides the game into the four areas of the Long Game, the Short Game, the Mental Game, and the Management Game.

All of these theories and training processes are the result of years of research on Jim’s part, as well as being completely tried and true methods.

This eighty minute video will provide you with years of golf that will only get better! It is truly a breath of fresh air when sound fundamentals are presented in such a user-friendly manner that can be adapted for women golfers, not to mention the fact that Jim doesn’t try to keep them a secret, nor does he say “I have the answer to your swing problem, but I’ll only tell you if you pay me.” The eight steps are readily available to the general public on his website, complete with pictures and explanations.

The Eight Steps to a perfect swing:

First move in the backswing
Halfway back position
Three-quarter back swing position
Completed backswing position
Delivery position
Early follow through
The finish position