Tennis Highlights And Insights

We’ll bring you live scores and match analysis from major competitions such as The US Open, Wimbledon, The Australian Open, the Masters Series and much more. Join us as we follow Murray’s journey to become World Number 1 and his ongoing battle against Federer and injury-ridden Nadal. Plus, we’ll be keeping an eye on the women’s rankings too. Noise is being made about a return to form by the previous women’s World Number 1, Justine Henin and fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters – could the William’s girls be in for a run for their money again? Not to mention the new and emerging talent that’s currently lighting up the courts. Right now, we’re interested in former Junior Wimbledon Champion, Laura Robson and her potential to make some waves in the heavyweight field, following her recent defeat of Stephanie Foretz at The US Open. Foretz ranked 332 places above Robson, so we’ve got our suspicions that the 15 year-old wild card from Britain could go on to do great things. Whether it’s seasoned pros or sparky newcomers, we’ll cover their progress right here and bring you insightful commentary from all the major events.

Off-Court Antics

No news is complete, however, without a little off-court gossip. For example, we’re eager to see what Murray’s deal with Simon Fuller’s management company, 19 Entertainment, will do for his profile. The famously dour Scotsman has been rising in popularity as his tennis prowess has increased, a deal with Simon Fuller – former Spice Girls manager and current manager of David Beckham – could see Murray’s fame go meteoric. And what are the champs of yester-year up to now? We’ll report on some of the more frivolous topics such as Martina Navratilova’s glamorous new girlfriend and check out what Pete Sampras has been saying about his fellow tennis stars past and present.

Tennis Tips and Trics

Bringing the focus back to your own game, check out our training tips and tutorials to find out how to improve your serve, how to play a killer backhand and much more besides. We’ll also give you a guide to the best tennis clubs and coaches as well as reviews on the top performance equipment and gear to give you that competitive edge on court.

We are here to give you the advantage – more tennis news, better game advice and plenty of great insight from the world of tennis. Enjoy our site and come back soon.