Motivation in Sport

What is Motivation in Sport?

Every successful athlete in any sports knows the importance of gaining motivation in sport. Motivation in sport will make the difference between a mediocre career and one that is destined for greatest. When you achieve the highest level in motivation in sport, you are considered to be in the zone. Every clutch shot goes in. Every training session feels wonderful. Every result seems guaranteed of success. In order for an athlete to reach this state of motivation in sport, there are several important strategies to bear in mind.

Strategies to Reach High Motivation in Sport

For any true and passionate athlete, there must be an all important ‘why’ in their story to explain their involvement in sports. Knowing the reason(s) for your participation or continued participation in sports is the key to reaching motivation in sport. Why do you pick up your racket day in and day out to practice and improve on your performances? Why do you endure the endless and punishing miles running in your marathon or triathlon races? Why do you push yourself through the pain barrier playing for your team despite carrying an injury? Why do you take the brutal hits in your hockey games? It is very easy for any athlete to give up in the first place, but when true motivation in sport is present; all these tough acts become bearable and achievable. The starting point of this form of motivation is to know why you pick up the sport in the first place. Was it a burning desire to do something you never did before? Was it the pride of achieving something seemingly impossible for your loved ones? Was it a way of release from some demons that are tormenting your inner life? Some deep soul searching needs to be carried out. Once the reason is pinpointed, that must become an all consuming passion that drives your motivation in sport.

Having conquered your own revelation, you would need to turn to role models to develop greater motivation in sport. Every sports and games have their heroes? Which of these heroes appeal to you? Why? Once you have identified your role model for your sport, you must study all their ways at the sport. Those become some form of vision for you to emulate and succeed. Role models can also be past or present. There might be someone currently still performing at the highest level. If this person is reachable, seek him out and let him know that he is your role model. Sometimes, your role model could be someone from yester years who were great at their sports. In order for you to learn from this once greats, you would have to study their life through books and other people. Make sure that you seek out every available biography and article in this person. Be fully immersed in the ways of this hero of yours. Understand how he achieved motivation in sport.

Finally, developing your own detailed and unique training program is also important to reach a high state of motivation in sport. Too often, especially when you have a coach or are part of a team being coached, you follow somebody else’ training program. Isn’t this true? Are you training according to your own program or your coaches’ program? Designing and planning your own training program is tough work. But it is tough work worth doing. When your design your own training program, you would have done extensive study and research. This form of background study truly allows you to reveal what is most crucial to you. Once your program materialized, you would also have effected one hundred percent ownership to the program. You would be proud of your program. You would know that this program will work for you. You would have internalize all reasoning to your program. When you implement and train according to your program, it will be something extremely effective. That will raise your own motivation in sport.

Conclusion for Motivation in Sport

Being able to discover your reason for participation, identifying a role model in your sport and crafting your own training program are important elements to reaching a desired state of motivation in sport. Without reaching this state of motivation in sport it is highly unlikely that you will reach your true sporting potential.