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Visualizing Your Beliefs and Goals

You have come a long way in using this motivational strategy for success. From surfacing your beliefs, to changing your beliefs, to establishing your big rocks, to taking action in the last step. Now, to really put on the final touches to your success story in sports, you would need to learn how to visualize your beliefs and actions.

Visualization is basically the active portrayal of an image or process or thought in your mind. Usually, the images developed are positive ones. This is a crucial ingredient to your motivational strategy for success. How you achieve this is to imagine running photo images or movies in your mind. Your mind becomes a camera or video recorder capturing the positive images and film sequence that you desire. Let explore with our case study used in these series. Continue reading 

Motivation in Sport

What is Motivation in Sport?

Every successful athlete in any sports knows the importance of gaining motivation in sport. Motivation in sport will make the difference between a mediocre career and one that is destined for greatest. When you achieve the highest level in motivation in sport, you are considered to be in the zone. Every clutch shot goes in. Every training session feels wonderful. Every result seems guaranteed of success. In order for an athlete to reach this state of motivation in sport, there are several important strategies to bear in mind. Continue reading