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NHL Hockey

NHL hockey is probably the most famous hockey league on the entire planet.  There are thousands of leagues in many countries all over the world.  The most competitive and difficult to make is the NHL.  This league is based in North America and mostly dominated by Canadian, European, and American players.  NHL hockey is also known for it’s high intensity, hitting, fighting, scoring, stars and high payrolls.  An average salary for the league is 1.6 million per player.

What makes NHL hockey so exciting is of course the fast pace, stars, fights, body checking, and the quest for Lord Stanley’s cup.  The infamous Stanley Cup is the dream of every Canadian Boy growing up while they learn to master the game.  This cup is awarded to only one team at the end of a 4 round best of 7-game elimination.  Usually the team that wins the cup is the one with the most bruises, injuries, and heart.  Very much deserved and one of the hardest trophies to get your name engraved on. Continue reading 

Steamboat Springs Ski Rentals- Go for it to Enjoy the Best Services

In Colorado, USA, Steamboat Springs is a city famous for having the best skiing experience. This place is famously known as a winter ski resort. Numbers of tourists come here every year to participate in skiing competitions and many other sports like snowboarding, kayaking and fishing. Steamboat Springs Ski rentals also allow everybody to learn how to do everything thereby making it extremely manageable to learn and relish. Moreover, you would get wide collection of gear in this place, which can be rented for different sporting activities. They operate their business very carefully. They do not provide just anything to the customers to wear and charge for the same. Continue reading 

Protein Supplements for Workout Enthusiast

For any workout enthusiast, protein supplements are the best diet products that can be considered taking for building up muscles and body weight. At times, intense workout can be exhausting and to regain the energy, supplements play a pivotal role. During workout, body need huge amount of protein and nutrition that can be gained through supplements and other diet foods. Choosing the right and best body supplements for your body will eventually lead to a good result. Continue reading 

Tennis Highlights And Insights

We’ll bring you live scores and match analysis from major competitions such as The US Open, Wimbledon, The Australian Open, the Masters Series and much more. Join us as we follow Murray’s journey to become World Number 1 and his ongoing battle against Federer and injury-ridden Nadal. Plus, we’ll be keeping an eye on the women’s rankings too. Noise is being made about a return to form by the previous women’s World Number 1, Justine Henin and fellow Belgian Kim Clijsters – could the William’s girls be in for a run for their money again? Not to mention the new and emerging talent that’s currently lighting up the courts. Right now, we’re interested in former Junior Wimbledon Champion, Laura Robson and her potential to make some waves in the heavyweight field, following her recent defeat of Stephanie Foretz at The US Open. Foretz ranked 332 places above Robson, so we’ve got our suspicions that the 15 year-old wild card from Britain could go on to do great things. Whether it’s seasoned pros or sparky newcomers, we’ll cover their progress right here and bring you insightful commentary from all the major events. Continue reading 

The 8-Step Swing

Women golfers who have been golfing long enough to have the basics down pat should consider Jim McLean’s video “The 8-Step Swing” as your next one-stop shop. One of the top three golf instructors in the world, Jim has worked with amateurs and professional golfers alike for over 25 years, helping each individual consistently improve his or her swing. In fact, Christie Kerr, the winner of the 2007 U. S. Women’s Open and Angel Cabrera, winner of the 2007 U. S. Men’s Open were both students of the Jim McLean Golf School! Coincidence? We think not!

The most important difference between the 8-step swing and other swing teaching methods is that each segment of the swing is addressed completely independently of all the other parts. The final blended product is a smooth, consistent drive, but each learning process is small enough to perfect on its own. In addition, while the eight steps are the same across the board, the specific positions of each have an array of degrees, which allows men and women golfers to find the exact position that suits. Continue reading 

Types of Shots

There are eight main shots a tennis player uses in a competitive match. When executed correctly, each shot can be very affective towards a victorious game. The serve sets the pace in the beginning of the match. Each serve that is not returned or returned correctly can gain you a point. After tossing the ball into the air the ball must be hit under or over hand into the diagonally opposite service box without touching the net. There are different types of serve that professionals practice, these include; flat serve, topspin serve, slice serve, and kick serve. Serving over hand, however, maximizes power and speed preventing your competitor from hitting back with ease. When your opponent is unable to return the ball, or even touch it with their racket it is known as an “Ace.” If they touch the ball and still fail to return it, the play is known as a service winner and you are awarded a point. The forehand starts from the side of the body and makes contact with the ball by scooping the racket upward and across the body. Popular grips (ways to hold the racket) that correspond with the forehand serve include, continental, semi-western, eastern and western. Each can provide a different momentum and direction for the ball. The backhand is typically a straight hitting motion starting on the left side of your body. By twisting your waist and arms to the right the racket can make straight contact with the ball and send it soaring across the court while using an eastern or continental grip. Continue reading 

Beginning Golf for Women

Women golfers are fast becoming just as proficient at their sport as male golfers, and there are more and more attracted onto the greens every day to give the men a run for their money. There are a number of ways that beginners can learn the first techniques and tips when first approaching golf, one of which is the women’s golf video which allows them to progress at their own pace in those all-important first few weeks.

One very popular women’s golf video which can be found in the collections of more and more women golfers is ‘Beginning Golf for Women’ as featured on Amazon.com, which can be bought in VHS or DVD format. The video was developed by tour veteran and master golf instructor Donna White whose considerable experience and talents are outlined on the LPGA Women’s Senior Golf Tour website (now named “The Legends Tour). She joined the LPGA tour as far back as 1977 after an extensive amateur and college career, having won the 1976 US Women’s Amateur title. Before retiring from the Women’s Tour she won 3 LPGA titles and has been acclaimed as one of the top 50 golf instructors in Golf for Women magazine. She is also well known for her work with junior golfers, the Special Olympics and other charities. As well as playing on the Women’s Senior Golf Tour she is currently Golf Manager for the Special Olympics and Director of Golf Professional Services. Continue reading 

The Marathon of Hope – Terry Fox’s Inspirational Story

Once again the inspirational story of Terry Fox started off as an ordinary one. Terry Fox was a normal human being growing up in British Columbia when cancer struck him at the age of 18. He was diagnosed with bone cancer in his right knee and amputation of the leg at knee was the only way to save his life at that time.

After amputation, Terry was fitted with an artificial leg and went on to try and live a normal life as a teenager. He never complained about his fate and was always cheerful. One day, he had a vision of raising funds and awareness through a run across Canada to help people that were stricken by cancer. That was the start of the inspirational story of Terry Fox that would leave behind a legacy of hope for the entire world. Continue reading 

Some Vital Facts about Paintballs

It is a common knowledge that the sport of paintballs is widely known for the adventure and thrilling moments it brings. Ordinarily, in this sport, the idea is to hit the opponent player with paint filled,  gelatin and breakable balls. These balls are actually shot from the compressed air powered or carbon dioxide filled ‘paintball marker’.

Today, the increased popularity of paintballs becomes evident by presence of a number of people from diverse backgrounds. According to one estimate by Sporting Goods Manufacturer Association, the number of people has crossed over a 10 million mark. This figure is believed to be correct even by the insurance sector. In fact, because it is one kind of safe sports, various insurance companies have come up with wonderful insurance policies. These companies contend, this is one sport that has little injury exposure in comparison to other sports such as golf, tennis and bowling. Continue reading 

5 Tips to Find the Best Sports Trophies

Being rewarded for excellence in sports field is appreciated by each sport star. It also sets new standards and encourages others to achieve these standards. Every sportsperson takes great pride to own one. These trophies resemble the true distinction between a sport enthusiastic and a winner. Today, sport trophies are found in many shapes, designs and sizes. Their selection depends on several factors.

Following are the 5 most important tips worth keeping in mind to find best trophies-

Engraved Trophies Are High In Demand Due To Its Exclusiveness

Engraved trophies have become a major hit among people due to their exclusiveness. They can be engraved with varying details like name of winner, date of event, etc. Apart from adding true appeal and fabulous look, they remind recipients of hard work put in. The engraving is done by expert hands ensuring quality engraving. Found in various varieties, the glass and metal categories are very popular. When engraved in these materials, it adds a bit extra special looks. Continue reading